Accumass Weight Gainer Powder Benefit, Side Effects & Uses

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Today in this article, we are telling you about Accumass Weight Gainer Powder Benefit, Side Effects & Uses. Accumass weight gainer is also a popular supplement like endura mass gainer, which many people use to gain weight. Here we will tell you about the advantages of accumass weight gainer, disadvantages of accumass weight gainer and how to use accumass weight gainer.

Accumass Weight Gainer Powder Benefit, Side Effects & Uses
Accumass Weight Gainer Powder Benefit, Side Effects & Uses

Accumass Weight Gainer Ingredient

Accumass Weight Gainer contains many herbal Ingredient that helps you to increase your weight in a healthy way. As we reviewing any supplement we always focus on ingredient mixed in the supplement and product that we are buying and reviewing. Let talk about Accumass Weight Gainer Ingredient:-

  1. Ashwagandha
  2. Kadali
  3. Shatavari root tuber
  4. Vatada
  5. Kharjura
  6. Amalaki fruit pericarp
  7. Gokshura
  8. Draksha
  9. Vidari root
  10. Varahi rhizome
  11. Seba fruit
  12. Pipli Fruit
  13. Maricha fruit
  14. Shunti dried rhizome
  15. Ela Fruit
  16. Jeeraka fruit
  17. Mushli root
  18. Sarala heart wood

Accumass Weight Gainer Ingredient
Accumass Weight Gainer Ingredient

Accumass granules are the innovative Ayurvedic solution for healthy and natural effective weight gain. Its unique texture in granular appearance with chocolate flavor makes it a perfect weight gainer supplement. Accumass’ is the blend of 18 Ayurvedic natural herbs

Accumass Weight Gainer Dosages

  • For the adult, take 2 scoops approx 20g of accumass weight gainer with lukewarm milk and as well increase your diet daily for best result.
  • For the child, take 1 scoop approx 10g of accumass weight gainer in lukewarm milk.

Accumass Weight Gainer Benefits/Advantages

Accumass Weight Gainer is used to increase weight, it is Jat. As we have also told you the subpar. Now we will tell about the advantages of Accumass Weight Gainer one by one.

  • In this, all herbal items are mixed, which helps you increase your weight.
  • By taking Accumass Weight Ginor properly, you will begin to lose weight.
  • Accumass Weight Gainer can use any.
  • If you workout, you can use Accumass Weight Gainer after your workout.
  • Accumass is a 100% natural weight gain supplements infused with the power of herbs.
  • Accumass Weight Gainers As well as increasing your weight, your body does not allow fat to grow too much, making your body feel fitter.
  • It is a Safe, Effective, Ayurvedic formula that lets you increase your weight easily.

Accumass Weight Gainer Side Effects/Disadvantages

In Accumass Weight Gainer, all the herbal things have been found, but still, there are some Disadvantages to this, which after getting information from many places, we are sharing with you.

  • Some people may have to face problems related to gas or stomach.
  • Some people say that this powder does not work to increase the weight. For this you have to increase your diet, then it shows the effect.
  • If you have any allergies to any of its herbs, then you do not consume it.


In this article, we have to know about the advantages and disadvantages of Accumass Weight Gainer and how to use Accumass Weight Gainer. In addition, there are many weight gain supplements in India. If you need our opinion about any supplement, you can use the comment box below.

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