Davisco Whey Protein Concentrate Review

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Whenever we want to buy a whey protein supplement we always look for cheapest whey protein that also give us good result. Here in this article we are talking about the cheapest whey protein in Indian market named Davisco Whey Protein Concentrate. It having more than 80% protein in per serving scoop.

Davisco Whey Protein Concentrate Review

Company Profile

Davisco is USA based company that making unflavored protein and selling all over India. This company also known as BiPRO and BioZate in market. They selling, BCAA, Whey protein Concentrate, Isolate and other bodybuilding supplement. Its start selling product from 2014 in India.


This is one thing at you always look that what you buy with your money. In flavored protein supplement there are no such ingredient that in flavored like sweetener, thicker and other ingredient. You only can get what your are want in your supplement.

Whey Protein Concentrate

 Whey protein concentrate is form of protein powder that contain more than 80% protein of there weight. It made from milk after some process without any chemical use.

Supplement Fact

Amount Per Serving
Total Fat
2 g
2 g
24 g
225 mg
42 mg
60 mg
135 mg


Mixability of davisco whey protein concentrate is overall ok. You need to shake it with shaker for 10-15 times. You required at least 200-250ml water to mix easily this product. If you want to mix it with milk than you need more time.


As this protein is unflavored that mean it has no artificial sweetener and flavor is added. But it has own flavor and taste as like milk. When you mix it with good amount of water then you can feel like that you are drinking milk.


This is the section that you looking for. Davisco whey protein concentrate result is good. You should keep in mind that supplement only work with good diet. If your diet is not good enough than your result will be low and if your diet is good than your result also good because supplement only work 20%.

Side Effects

There are most comman side effect of whey protein concentrate is stomach bloat and gas and its problem in our body not in protein concentrate because our body unable to produce good amount of lactase enzyme that mean we having lactose intolerance problem. When you have lactose intolerance than you will face the stomach problem with all whey protein supplement in which no digestive enzyme added.
Some people say me that this protein is raw and there is no enzyme to digest. I say them that in egg also no enzyme to digest so how you can eat them. So stay away from rumors and who never visited gym and zero knowledge of supplement person.


Davisco whey protein concentrate is good one cheapest whey protein in Indian market. You also can make flavor if you want to add. Add stavia and flavor powder like choco, strawberry for make flavor any unflavored protein. If you low budget than i highly recommend this product.

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