How do First Aid?

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First aid can be an important step to save somebody’s life. First Aid is called First Aid in English. Accident or injuries immediately after giving first aid, the life of the injured person can be saved. First aid can include ranging from stripping for general injury to the process of giving CPR. Every person should be given first aid so that he can use it when needed.

How do First Aid?

How do First Aid?

You can save somebody’s life by putting the right first in the emergency. However, after taking training, it may be difficult to remember the method of first aid. The correct way to do first aid is as follows:
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Check The Situation

Before giving treatment to the injured or sick person, check the situation and the person and keep the following points in mind.

  • Are the situation and the environment safe?
  • What is the accident or the problem and how has it happened?
  • How many people are involved in this?
  • What is the condition of the injured person’s illness or illness?
  • Is the person in a situation which threatens his life?
  • Is anyone else present for help?

If the person is conscious and is answering, then

  • The person should give his name, explain the reason for the problem and medical treatment for him and allow him to do the treatment.
  • Ask someone standing near a defibrillator (a device to correct the irregular heartbeat of the heart) and bring the first aid box.
  • If available, wear gloves and other protective equipment.
  • Ask about the person’s symptoms, allergies, medicines, other medical problems, the last diet and the reason for the incident.
  • Check for an injury to the whole body of the person.
  • Make the first aid according to the problem with full sense and understanding.

If the person is not responding, then

Try to call the person by calling him. If the person does not answer, then shake his shoulder (if the victim is a child or adult) or shaking his foot (if the victim is a very small child) then call him again and check his breath. Do not check it for more than 5 to 10 seconds.

If the person is breathing, then –

  • Ask someone to call an ambulance and ask for first aid kit.
  • Inquire about the incident from adjacent people.
  • Check the whole body of the person.
  • If the person is not hurt, keep him in the recovery position.

If the person is not breathing then –

  • Ask someone to call an ambulance and ask for first aid kit.
  • Ensure that the injured person is lying directly on a flat place.
  • Start giving the CPR to the person or use the defibrillator if available. Do this only if you have to give CPR or use a defibrillator.
  • Give CPR until the person begins to breathe or get help.

Final Word

Today, in this article, we have told you about First Aid. If you have something to know about it then you can ask us by the comment.

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