Nutrimed Gold Whey Protein Review

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whenever we buy any protein supplement we want the valuable product that give good result without any side effects. Nutrimed Gold Whey Protein is cheapest and good protein that i ever used. Whey Protein you can take for weight loss and muscle building It how you use the whey protein.

Company Profile

Nutrimed was set up in 2011 by T.N Tiwari. Nutrimed have a team that control all process in which Nutritionists, Doctors, Food Safety Experts, Food & Dairy Technologists are involved for making best product. Nutrimed make Whey Protein Blends, Weight Loss Supplement, Weight Gainer, Pre-Workout Formula, Post workout Formula, Memory n Stamina Booster for Children, Diabetes n Cholesterol Control, Infant Milk Formula,| Baby Foods, Baby Cereals, Lactose free infant milk formula, Anti diarrhoea baby food, Wheat baby cereals, Rice baby cereals, Fruits baby cereals products.

Nutrimed Gold Whey Protein Ingredient

This is best one table in which you can know how many thing is added to supplement. I always look ingredient and supplement table whenever i buy it.

Ultra-Filtered whey protein concentrate

Its filtered form of whey protein concentrate. There are some filtered system like Ultra-filtration, ion-exchange, micro-filtration, cross-flow filtration.

Instantized Milk Protein Concentrate

MPC (Milk Protein Concentrate) is a type of concentrate milk product that having 40-90% milk protein. It is a complete milk protein that means that have protein value more than 40%. The ultra-filtered milk protein and Intanstized milk protein concentrate having low value of fat.

Other Ingredient

Skimmed Milk Powder, Sucrose,  Micronized Creatine Monohydrate, Meltodextrin, cocoa with Alkali, Nature Identical Flavors, Minerals and Vitamin Blend,

Nutrimed Gold Whey Protein Supplement Facts

Nutrimed Gold Whey Protein has 50g sccop inside container. Nutrimed Gold Whey Protein has 18 serving in small container and 45 total serving in big container.

Per 100g
Per Serving Size 50g
Dietary Fiber


Mixability of nutrimed gold whey protein is good. if you shake it with 250ml water it can take up to 10-15 second and 15-20 second with milk.


Chocolate and Kesar & Pista taste is not good enough. I suggest you only buy butterscotch flavor of its product that taste is more good than other.


You can take 1 scoop before your workout and after workout and also you can take it after wake up because it has good value of carbohydate that can give you enough energy that keep your body to catabolic to anabolic state.


Nutrimed Gold Whey Protein is effective product. I got result after 10 days and my diet was also good enough. I have made video of result this product that you can see here. You can compare 1st week and 4th week photo to check results.

Side Effects

It has not much side effect but you can 2 side effects if your diet is not good enough. I have mention these side effect of Nutrimed Gold Whey Protein and how to prevent them.
1. Stomach Bloating & Gas:- It only happen when you have lactose intolerance problem. This problem with more than 80% people in the world. You can use lactase enzyme syrup immediately after use nutrimed gold whey protein.
2. Constipation:- In this product if your diet is not good than you can face problem of constipation because of low value of dietary fiber per serving. To avoid this side effect add high fiber food in your diet.


Nutrimed Gold Whey Protein is good product that you can use for muscle building, fat loss, and weight loss. I suggest you should buy this product from because in this website you can get this supplement more than 50% price in sale.

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