Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer Review

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In this article we are going to review Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer that manufactured by Nutriemed. Basically This is a 5:1 mass gainer. Many of us that reading this 5:1 mass gainerĀ they got all answer about this supplement but who’s don’t know about it i will clarify what is 5:1 gainer.
The 5:1 Gainer is a ratio between carb and protein. when your supplement having high carb portion than protein it help to gain weight easily than other types of gainer. You also can say that this gainer is perfect for hardgainer mean who unable to increase body weight with simple diet. Let we review this supplement from Nutrimed.

Company Profile

Nutrimed was set up in 2011 by T.N Tiwari. Nutrimed have a team that control all process in which Nutritionists, Doctors, Food Safety Experts, Food & Dairy Technologists are involved for making best product. Nutrimed make Whey Protein Blends, Weight Loss Supplement, Weight Gainer, Pre-Workout Formula, Post workout Formula, Memory n Stamina Booster for Children, Diabetes n Cholesterol Control, Infant Milk Formula,| Baby Foods, Baby Cereals, Lactose free infant milk formula, Anti diarrhea baby food, Wheat baby cereals, Rice baby cereals, Fruits baby cereals products.

Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer Ingredient

As we talk in other article of supplement review here also we start with Supplement Ingredient because of this table we can know that what we are buying from company.

Protein Blend

In Nutriemed Pro Mass Gainer protein blend is used which having whey protein concentrate, Cacluim Caseniate and skimmed milk power.

Other Ingredient

Surcrose, Vegetable Fat, Maltodextrin, Soy Protein, Cocoa, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Vitamin and Minerals Blend.

Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer Nutritional Fact

Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer Nutritional Fact

Nutrimed only selling 3kg packing of pro mass gainer and it contain 60 serving in container. serving size of Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer is 50g so here we are giving only 50gram/per serving nutrient details. But on Container you can check 100g nutrient detail that we uploaded above this paragraph.

Nutrient In 50g/Per serving
Energy 210Kcal
Protein 7.55 g
Carb 36 g
Dietary Fiber 1 g
Fat 3.5 g
Sugar 13.5
Creatine 2
L-Glutamine 100mg

Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer Mixability

Mixability of nutrimed pro Mass Gainer is awesome. But you should keep in mind that you use at least 250ml water/milk with one scoop. You can mix it with milk there are also no issue of mixability of nutrimed pro mass gainer supplement.

Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer Dosage

For maximum benefit you should take 2-3 scoop per day. If your too slim than you should use it 3 time with milk in a day and you can add some banana and strawberry in pro mass gainer. You can take it between mean and post workout and after finish your dinner.

Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer Taste

Taste of nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer is good with water and awesome with milk. You also can add banana, peanut butter, strawberries, yogurt and almond extra for increase your shake.

Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer Effectiveness

Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer is good supplement who want yo increase weight and also tham whos doing heavy weight training. It help to develop your physique to fullest. It is a powerfull formula that you can use for gaining and in carb cycle.
Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer support your endurance, recovery and supply amino acid to your body that is coming from protein blend ingredient.
Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer having Creatine, Glutamine, and other vitamin & mineral for maximum lean muscle growth.

Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer Side Effect

I’m using this supplement from last 15 days and i haven’t notice any side effect of this supplement. You are free to buy this supplement.

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If you are a serious gainer than you can try and if you are going heavy weight training than you can try Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer because it having all good nutrient for maximum muscle growth and support your general health.
Nutrimed Pro Mass Gainer Is cheapest Mass gainer supplement that you can use for maximum muscle growth and also help to gain weight.

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