Zenith Biotin Review

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In this article we are going to review Biotin Supplement that is manufactured by Zenith Nutrition. Biotin supplement generally available in tablet and capsule form.  If you think you are not getting enough biotin from your diet you can start taking biotin from supplement. Let we start reviewing Zenith Biotin.

Company Profile

Zenith Nutrition making nutritional products includes vitamins, minerals, probiotics, standardized herbal concentrates and amino acids. In all Zenith product having good and clinically approved dosages in every supplement.

Supplement Fact

Here we telling you supplement fact of zenith Biotin.

Serving Size- 1 Veg Capsule Total Serving- 60, 120 Capsule
Amount Per Serving
Biotin 10,000 mcg
Contain- Di-Calcuim Phosphate

Biotin Dosages

If you are taking biotin supplement the suggested dosages 7 mcg to 100 mcg but if you taking high doses there are no side effect of biotin supplement. For healthy hair and nail doctor suggest 10,000 mcg per day. You can take 1 capsule per day of zenith Biotin supplement.

Biotin Benefits

Biotin is a form of vitamin B complex that also available in many foods and supplement. Biotin break our eating food in sugar then body use it as energy. There are some benefit using biotin supplement.

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • For Healthy Hair
  • For Healthy Nail
  • For Healthy Skin
  • For Healthy Metabolism
  • Improve Glucose Intolerance
  • Improve Brain Functions
  • Help to Build and Repair Muscle
  • Help to Build and Repair Tissue

Biotin Side Effect

Zenith Biotin supplement haven’t any side effect even you taking for a long time. It i necessary supplement if you cant complete your daily biotin requirement. You can buy 10,000 mcg biotin for healthy hair, nail and skin.


Zenith Biotin is good supplement who have weak fingernail, hair loss and skin rash. You take 1 capsule everyday if you are using 10,000 mcg biotin and 2 capsule if you are using 5,000 mcg biotin. You can buy this product from here Zenith Online Store

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