Zenith Silymarin Milk Thistle Review

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Milk Thistle is a herbal supplement that used for liver function and liver cleaning. Milk Thistle is a plant with large leaves. Milk Thistle name is based on its milky white fluid when its crushed by someone. It also known as St. Mary Thistle, Holy Thistle or Lady’s Thistle.

Company Profile

Zenith Nutrition making nutritional products includes vitamins, minerals, probiotics, standardized herbal concentrates and amino acids. In all Zenith product having good and clinically approved dosages in every supplement.

Benefit Of Milk Thistle

There are some benefit of milk thistle that is liver related and non liver related are listed below.
  1. For Detoxify Body.
  2. Liver Cleaning.
  3. Lower Cholesterol Level.
  4. Reduce growth of Cancer cell
  5. Maintain blood sugar level.
  6. Help in Indigestion System.
  7. Powerful Antioxidant.
  8. Anti-aging Properties.

Who Use Zenith Silymerin Milk Thsitle?

  1. Who start steroid Cycle.
  2. Who have liver disease.
  3. Having liver cleaning.
  4. who drink Alcohol a lot.

Milk Thistle Dosages

The standard dose of milk thistle is 420mg per day. If you having 400mg capsule like zenith silymarin  than you take only one capsule in a day.

Milk Thistle Side Effect

There are no side effect of Zenith milk thistle if a healthy person taking this. If you take overdose than you can feel headache. if you are a breastfeeding mom, pregnant than you don’t use this product. If you having any medical treatment than you should consult to your doctor to start milk thistle.


Zenith Milk Thistle is best antioxidant product that use can use for cleaning your liver if you are in steroid cycle and heavy alcohol use than you must use this product. Why Zenith Milk Thistle is best? Its best because it contain Silymerin approx 70% that is active component in Milk Thistle and you also take 400mg milk thistle in single serving so you don’t need to take 3 times in a day.
If you want to buy This product visit www.zenithnutrition.com

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